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Valid certificates

Below you can find a list of all valid ISCC certificates and statements of conformity

ISCC certificates automatically fulfil compliance with SAI, Unilever, FEFAC etc. For further information click here.
A certification according to the waste and residue process does not mean that EU Member States automatically accept the material as waste or residue.

A detail search and a list of abbreviations of the certified type of operation can be found below.

id Certificate Certificate Holder Scope* Raw Material Add-Ons** Valid From Valid Until Issuing CB Map Certificate Audit Report cert_status cert_lat cert_long
19.554 ISCC-PLUS-Cert-09792018 Bunge Loders Croklaan Oils B.V., Maasvlakte - Rotterdam, Netherlands RE, TRS Palm 21.11.18 20.11.19 SGS Google Map ISCC-PLUS-Cert-09792018.pdf ISCC-PLUS-Cert-09792018.pdf 1 51,96 4,04
19.558 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-35982018 LEDRECYCLING, Selby Yorkshire, United Kingdom CP UCO 21.11.18 20.11.19 SGS Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-35982018.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-35982018.pdf 1 53,80 -1,00
19.563 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE110-75180278 Thommen-Furler AG, Rüti b. Büren, Switzerland CP UCO 28.11.18 27.11.19 DEKRA Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE110-75180278.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-DE110-75180278.pdf 1 47,16 7,41
19.607 EU-ISCC-Cert-PL214-37952310 Biona Jersin, s.r.o., Jersín, Czech Republic FG, OM, TR Rape/canola 20.11.18 19.11.19 BV PL Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-PL214-37952310.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-PL214-37952310.pdf 1 49,42 15,84
19.610 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-35682018 Andreini Dore & Co. Snc, Bagnacavallo, Italy CP UCO 22.11.18 21.11.19 SGS Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-35682018.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-35682018.pdf 1 44,41 12,00
19.611 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-48332018 Sicil Oil SNC di Spada Antonino & C, ACI S.Antonio (CT), Italy CP UCO 23.11.18 22.11.19 SGS Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-48332018.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-48332018.pdf 1 37,62 15,13
19.616 EU-ISCC-Cert-ID218-20180110 PT Tapian Nadenggan, Kabupaten Padang Lawas Utara, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia FG, OM Palm 20.11.18 19.11.19 Intertek ID Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-ID218-20180110.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-ID218-20180110.pdf 1 1,65 99,89
19.617 EU-ISCC-Cert-ID218-20180111 PT SMART Tbk, Kabupaten Labuhanbatu Utara, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia, Indonesia FG, OM Palm 20.11.18 19.11.19 Intertek ID Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-ID218-20180111.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-ID218-20180111.pdf 1 2,32 99,84
19.621 EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-37052018 Total European Trading, Courbevoie, France TRS 23.11.18 22.11.19 SGS Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-37052018.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-DE100-37052018.pdf 1 48,89 2,24
19.624 EU-ISCC-Cert-SE205-00000118 Lantmännen Agroetanol AB, Norrköping, Sweden CP, EP, TRS Barley, Corn, Food ... 25.11.18 24.11.19 DNV Google Map EU-ISCC-Cert-SE205-00000118.pdf EU-ISCC-Cert-SE205-00000118.pdf 1 58,61 16,23
id Certificate Certificate Holder Scope* Raw Material Add-Ons** Valid From Valid Until Issuing CB cert_status cert_lat cert_long

* Definition abbreviations certification scopes:

BG = Biogas plant
BM = Biomethane plant
BP = Biodiesel plant
COF = Central Office (Group of farms/plantations)
COP = Central Office (Group of Points of Origin)
CP = Collecting Point (for waste/residue material not grown/harvested on farms/plantations)
CPP = Co-Processing plant
CR = Crushing plant
EP = Ethanol plant
ET = ETBE plant
FA = Farm / Plantation
FG = First Gathering Point (for biomass grown/harvested on farms/plantations)
HVO = HVO plant
ISHC = Central Office for Independent Smallholders

LC = Logistic Center
ML = Methanol plant
MP = Melting plant
MT = MTBE plant
OM = Oil mill
OT = Other conversion unit
PM = Pulp mill
PO = Point of Origin
PP = Polymerization plant
PYP = Pyrolysis plant
RE = Refinery
SC = Steam cracking
SM = Sugar mill
TR = Trader
TRS = Trader with storage
TW = Treatment plant for waste/ residues
WH = Warehouse
WR36 = acc. to 36th BImSchV (double counting of biofuels in Germany)