I would like to certify a material, that is currently not included in the ISCC materials lists. How do I proceed?

The certification body is responsible to discuss with the system user, how their materials are covered on the ISCC material lists. If a material is not yet covered, the certification body can request the material to be added via the ISCC contact form providing the following information: name of material; relevant certification system; categorization as raw material or intermediate/ final product; if applicable, justification for classification as waste/residue e.g. waste code (e.g. based on national waste legislation or European List of Waste, Directive 2008/98/EC) or justification based on the waste decision tree, which is provided in the material lists and if available, the CAS number. A detailed production process chart including all inputs/ outputs and material flows involved must always be provided. For ISCC EU waste/residue material requests, evidence needs to be provided demonstrating that the material is recognized and accepted as a waste or residue in at least one EU Member State within the framework of the RED II and FQD.

Please note that the acceptance of a final product (e.g.biofuel) produced from a raw material which was certified according to the ISCC waste and residue certification process is always the decision of the authorities of the particular EU Member State where the final product comes onto the market (e.g. to fulfil biofuel quota obligations).