What does ISCC Compliance mean?

Under ISCC the “ISCC Compliant” or “EU RED Compliant” claims can be applied to outgoing deliveries.

The claim “ISCC Compliant” means that the entire upstream supply chain, including the cultivation or collection of the raw material is certified according to ISCC, and the material used in the supply chain consists entirely and solely of ISCC material, at least on a quantity bookkeeping basis. The claim “ISCC Compliant” can be made by ISCC certified operators for outgoing deliveries by adding the statement “ISCC Compliant” to the Sustainability Declaration for outgoing deliveries. The statement “ISCC Compliant” can only be made if the ISCC certified operator has received an equivalent amount of incoming material with the statement “ISCC Compliant” on the Sustainability Declaration. First Gathering Points can only make this statement for deliveries from farms or plantations that comply with the ISCC requirements.

Sustainable material has to be considered “EU RED Compliant” if the ISCC certified operator receives deliveries from suppliers that are certified to any other recognised voluntary certification scheme. Since in this case the upstream supply chain is not ISCC certified, the claim “ISCC Compliant” must not be used.

ISCC certified operators could choose not to include one of the claims above on the Sustainability Declarations. Deliveries of sustainable material without any such statement must be considered “EU RED Compliant” by default.