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ISCC Licensing Scheme

ISCC Licensing Scheme

The licensing scheme is in the process of being updated. If you have any questions, please contact license(at)

The ISCC licensing scheme is a tailor-made concept for brand owners. It allows companies at the end of the supply chain to communicate and promote ISCC certified materials. ISCC operates the licensing programme to add value for consumers and to increase transparency and traceability at the end of the supply chain.

A non-certified company is required to obtain an ISCC license if it sells ISCC certified final products or uses ISCC certified packaging materials and wants to use an ISCC logo or ISCC claim. This includes companies that sell products/packaging materials with the ISCC on-product logo.

Please note that the ISCC certified materials shall not be fundamentally altered by the licensee.  If brand owners do their own mass balance calculations, a license is not applicable anymore. In both cases, the brand owner must be covered by an ISCC certification. For more information about the certification process, please have a look at the ISCC PLUS Certification Guideline. Although licensees do not get audited annually, ISCC reserves the right to conduct integrity audits on a sample basis under the ISCC integrity programme.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible for an ISCC license or not, please take a look at our decision tree for brand owners.

As before, ISCC system users with a valid ISCC certificate can use the ISCC logos without an ISCC license.

The licensing scheme can also be applied by retailers that specifically want to promote ISCC at the point of sale or in a marketing campaign. Retailers do not need a license if they only sell ISCC certified products, even if they advertise these products.


6 Steps to become an ISCC licensee:

1. Application

Apply for the ISCC licensing scheme by filling in this form.

2. ISCC Review

ISCC will internally review the request and may ask for additional information.

3. License Agreement

ISCC sends the license agreement to the licensee to be signed by a legal representative.

4. License Database

ISCC will publish the licensee in the ISCC license database. From the date of publication on the website, the license agreement is valid and you are allowed to use ISCC logos and claims upon prior approval by ISCC.

4. Logos/claims

Thoroughly read the ISCC Document 208 “Logos and Claims” (V1.3) and apply for the use of the ISCC logos and/or an ISCC claim here on this website.

6. Reporting

Report your volumes to ISCC annually. The licensee must:


With the launch of the ISCC licensing scheme, ISCC developed new on-product logos.

For more information, please review the document ISCC document 208 ‘Logos and Claims’.

In order to receive the logo (corporate logo and/or on-product logo), please fill in this form.

Please send a message to license(at) in case you have any questions.