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The ISCC Association …

  • Promotes sustainable cultivation of biomass and its sustainable and traceable processing and utilisation
  • Provides support to stakeholders who promote sustainable cultivation and utilisation of biomass
  • Provides a forum for a balanced stakeholder dialogue about sustainability and certification
  • Establishes regional stakeholder committees committees for the discussion of issues with high practical relevance
  • Promotes and continuously improves the ISCC certification system for sustainable biomass and its processing

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Board members of ISCC e.V.

Prof Gernot Klepper Ph.D. (chair)
Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Kiel, Germany
Kiel Earth Institute (speaker)
National Committee for Global Change Research (NKGCF) (chair)
German Climate Consortium (DKK) (deputy chairman)

Joanna Cronheim
Director, Ambrian Energy GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Christian Dyczek
Sustainability Manager, Muenzer Bioindustrie GmbH, Wien, Austria

Dr Steffen Mueller
Energy Resources Center, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA

Vasu Vasuthewan
EcoOils Limited, Singapore

Ana Yaluff
Sustainability Manager Europe, Archer Daniels Midland, Hamburg, Germany