Launch of the ISCC HUB

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of the ISCC HUB, our platform dedicated to the seamless management of registration and certification-related data for both, System Users and Certification Bodies (CBs).

Key features of the ISCC HUB include:

Migrated System User data: Registration data is readily available when logging in for the first time. Basic details of valid certificates will become available in the coming week. 

Direct Access for System Users and CBs: Enjoy the convenience of managing and updating System User data directly through the ISCC HUB, accessible via single sign-on in the ISCC Client Section/ISCC CB section.

Integration with European Commission’s Union Database (UDB) and ISCC’s Transactional Database: Our future plans involve integrating the ISCC HUB with ISCC’s Transactional Database (TDB) and the European Commission’s UDB once the UDB is live, creating a comprehensive one-stop shop solution for System Users. 

Immediate Certificate Submission: Certificates can now be submitted immediately, eliminating the delay associated with waiting for ISCC to publish them. An exception applies to certificates issued between 25 November and the Go-Live date. These certificates will be uploaded gradually in the HUB.

Data Accuracy: The ISCC HUB incorporates various verification and validation measures to prevent input errors and missing data. Automatic notifications are sent to relevant parties upon data updates or changes, streamlining the process and reducing the need for subsequent clarification.

As part of our commitment to transparency and System User support, we have updated our certification process to include data management in the ISCC HUB. 

Additionally, for detailed information and answers to common questions in your role as a System User, please consult our comprehensive manual and FAQ section available on our website. We have also created a dedicated page for CBs, offering a FAQ and the ISCC HUB manual. ISCC will contact the CBs to gather feedback on further potential for the ISCC HUB.

Updated ISCC Site Information template and Sourcing Contact Information template in the ISCC HUB

The ISCC Site Information template has been updated in alignment with the revised requirements of the UDB. The template is divided into “ISCC Site Information 1.0” and “ISCC Sourcing Contact Information 1.0” and is available in the ISCC HUB. CBs are strongly encouraged to share this updated template with System Users well in advance of audits to allow for adequate preparation. It is the responsibility of the CB to verify the accuracy of the information provided in these templates.

a) Sites covered by the certificate (external storage facilities or dependent collecting points)
When submitting the certificate in the ISCC HUB, information on the sites covered by the certificate must be provided either by manually entering the data in the form one by one or by uploading the ISCC Site Information 1.0 template, if required for the certification scope. 

To accommodate audits for which the old template has already been used, ISCC will accept the submission of old templates by e-mail until 31 December 2023. For these certificates, CBs can indicate “No further sites of relevance” during the certificate submission in the ISCC HUB and send the file to immediately after the certificate submission. ISCC will not accept templates after 31 December 2023. If the certificate is submitted without the required template by 31 December 2023, the information in the certificate must be updated by the CB directly in the ISCC HUB.

The information on sites covered by the certificate collected for ISCC EU certificates until 31 December 2023 will be migrated into the respective certificates in the ISCC HUB in January 2024. Information on sites covered by the certificate for all other ISCC systems will not be provided for migrated certificates. However, for all certificates submitted in the ISCC HUB, this information must be provided either by e-mail until 31 December 2023 or directly in the ISCC HUB from 01 January 2024, as this information is an integral part of the audit.

b) Sourcing Contacts (farms/plantations or points of origin)
During certificate submission by the CB in the ISCC HUB, information on Sourcing Contacts must be provided either by manually entering data in the form one by one or by uploading the ISCC Sourcing Contact 1.0 template, if required for the certification scope. This applies to all certificates submitted via the ISCC HUB.

For certificates migrated to the ISCC HUB, information on Sourcing Contacts has not been provided, as the quality of the submitted data, together with the changing requirements of the UDB, did not allow a direct upload. It is the responsibility of the System Users to upload this information to the ISCC HUB, regardless of the ISCC system covered by their certificate. This way, in case of incorrect or missing information, the System Users are directly guided to correct it themselves before uploading. The information can be entered into the respective form on the ISCC HUB or provided via an Excel upload. Further information on how to add Sourcing Contacts can be found in the ISCC HUB Manual for System Users.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to providing you with an improved and streamlined certification experience through the ISCC HUB.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ISCC.
Your ISCC Team