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ISCC involvement to address food security

ISCC is partner of the Food Security Standard (FSS) Project

International demand for agricultural and biomass-based commodities is steadily growing due to a rising consumption of food, feed, energy and materials. To avoid any competition between food security and agri-exports, the EU and the German Federal Government grant the primacy of food security above all other biomass uses in their bioeconomy strategies. However, it remains unaddressed how this should be implemented and monitored, especially at local level in food insecure countries.

Food security is one topic that needs to be covered better by sustainability certification standards. ISCC is partner of the Food Security Standard (FSS) Project by WWF, Welthungerhilfe and ZEF (Center for Development Research) which is supported by the German Ministry for Food and Agriculture. The project aims to identify suitable pathways to consider food security in biomass production in developing countries. This project is a follow-up of a study on food security principles and criteria for biomass certification (to which ISCC also contributed). The aim is to test the Food Security criteria in the field with ISCC certified companies. The pilot audits will be conducted in the second half of 2018 with support from ISCC and the respective system users.

For additional information on the project, you can visit the website of the Welthungerhilfe here.

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