Note: The following information is only relevant for ISCC EU certified system users. It does not have any effect on ISCC PLUS or ISCC CORSIA supply chains.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

No voluntary certification scheme is currently officially recognised by the European Commission under RED II (Directive (EU) 2018/2001) and former recognitions under RED I (Directive 2009/28/EC) are obsolete (as the RED I is out of force).

The European Commission has confirmed that a number of voluntary schemes are “technically compliant” with the RED II requirements i.e. they successfully passed the preliminary assessment of the Commission for the formal recognition under the REDII.

ISCC and other voluntary schemes have requested from the Commission the recognition of the technically compliant schemes without further delay.

The European Commission has confirmed that they “expect the recognition of the first voluntary schemes under the recast directive to happen in the short term”.

Gradually, Member States are confirming that they accept evidence verifying compliance with the sustainability and GHG emissions savings criteria of RED II of those schemes that are technically compliant with RED II.

Unfortunately, though, the legal uncertainties in Poland remain.
ISCC has been working intensively to reach a solution and requested a timely solution from the Polish authorities until the official recognition of ISCC EU under RED II.

With respect to the above-mentioned uncertainties in the Polish market ISCC provides a solution for traders outside Poland delivering biofuels into the Polish market to quota obligated parties in Poland, and for traders/quota obligated parties located in Poland. This solution enables those parties to receive a REDcert certificate on short notice with a limited validity period of max. 6 months.

We kindly ask the systems users for which the solution is relevant to contact their certification body* directly.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you about a common statement by 2BSvs, KZR INiG, SURE, REDcert, RSB and ISCC. In this statement, the signing voluntary schemes confirm mutual recognition of sustainability declarations or proofs of sustainability issued by those voluntary schemes which are technically compliant with the RED II. Please see the ISCC website for the full statement.

* The solution applies for those certification bodies that are both certifying ISCC EU and REDcert (Baltic Control Certification A/S, Bureau Veritas Polska, Control Union Certifications Germany, Control Union Poland, DinCertco, DQS, Global-Creative-Energy, GutCert, SGS Germany, TÜV Nord Cert, TÜV Süd Industrie Services).